Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wind Poles - North Glenmore Park

Here's a small video showing those wind poles in action at North Glenmore Park. They move remarkably easily once you get the counterweight mass balanced properly.

Now I just need to make a system of ropes and cams to replicate that movement indoors.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Canoe Sculpture

The latest project to come out of my shop is an cedar canoe frame for a nice family who have a place in Canmore. This boat is similar to my ultralight canoe, but shortened to 8' so it can fit better on a wall or over a pool table.

It's built mostly out of a nice unique piece of western red cedar. This tree produced lighter colour wood for about 20 years before going back to the normal dark red cedar colour. This left the board with a stripe running down the middle that I was able to incorporate into the inwales, floorboards and lamps. The rest of the boat is the usual hodge podge of yellow cedar, mountain ash, yellow cedar and fir.