Saturday, August 4, 2007

Wings Video

Kinetic sculpture always makes more sense when, you know, its in motion. So heres a quick stop motion video showing the movement of the wings. To give you an idea of size its about 9.5' [2.9m] wide when open, and about 2' [0.6m] wide when closed.

To open the wings. the slider [the part in the middle that sits on the centre shaft] moves upwards causing the linkage to spread. The movement is carried outwards by a series of levers. Only the outside feather is rigidly connected to the mechanism, the others are attached with lengths of cord to it and are pulled out when the cord goes taught.


Rob said...

Wow. Those are incredible. Can you describe how tough/fragile they are?

David Bynoe said...

Thanks. Overall they are quite solid and strong. The tips of the outer feathers are somewhat more fragile since they are just a thin piece of cedar, but the rest of the parts are thick enough to absorb some abuse. Adding to the strength is the fact that everything is lashed together, so when it gets impacted the shock gets spread over a number of pieces rather than just at a solid joint.

Tie-dyed Tehuti said...

What fantastic work. Very "Leonardo Da Vinci"... Can't wait to see the finished project, although the armature is a thing of beauty in itself.