Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Saran Wrap and Weigh In

Took the boat out for a preliminary spin in the river tonight before I started putting on the final skin. To test it I wrapped the whole thing with plastic wrap about 4 layers thick, and then cut a hole through the cockpit so I could sit in it. The people at the pool didn't want me testing it there so I took it out to the Bow River, where I had a small audience of people by the canoe docks.
After popping it in the water, and struggling into the cockpit (note to self for the future, my legs are long). I discovered that the boat handles great, tons of stability and I can still lean it all the way over so the cockpit is just about in the water and it stays nice and stable, seems pretty fast too, even with the saran wrap scooping up water as I went. I had about 3 or four minutes before it started to fill up alarmingly with water.
Found out on the exit that the cockpit is way tighter than my last boat, couldn't get my leg out and ended up rolling it over right next to the shore, I got wet, people clapped, then I had to cut a large slit in the bow to let all the water out. I think once I get my deck lines on I can rig up a paddle brace for getting in and out since I have to sit on the back deck to make it happen.
Also managed to weigh the frame, it came it at right around 30lbs, so I am pretty happy.

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