Monday, April 27, 2009

Completed Frame and Saran Test

Got the frame of my new Aleut Baidarka done, and I am pretty happy with it. Took it out for its maiden voyage on an seasonably chilly April day, though just with a cling wrap skin.

Dimensions are 16.5' long, 21" beam, 14.5" deep from bottom of keel stringer to top of cockpit at masik. Materials are:

  • Lumberyard spruce for the gunwales, deck and keel stringers (I scored an awesome beat up 2x10x14' that was nasty in the middle but perfect on the edges)
  • Willow and dogwood ribs
  • Sitka spruce bow and stern assemblies
  • Pine hull stringers (Thanks Don!)
  • Red cedar floorboards
  • Glue-lam deck beams, coaming, and hatches. (made of fir, spruce and pine. Stuck together with PL Premium
The deck beams are all mortise and tenon, I found it gives more lateral flex in the gunwales. The hatches are added in by cutting the deck stringer, putting in two bridge stringers to take the force and support the hatch, and adding a round coaming and a plug hatch.
Oh and the gap in the floorboards is so I can drop a bilge pump beside the keel stringer.

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