Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wings for the City of Calgary

I recently won a competition put out by the City of Calgary to do an open studio at World Skills 2009.

It was lots of fun, over the four days of competition I worked hard at putting together a set of folding cedar and cherry wings, all in front of the large crowds and busloads of school children that came out to the competition. My role was mostly to talk to people, show them how things are made, and whats involved in putting together one of my sculptures.

I had both of my kayaks on display as well, so I did my best to convert as many people as possible to the cult of home built skin on frame boats.

I was also giving out plans to build your own mini set of paper wings, the plans for which are here.

The wings are currently installed downtown in the Epcor Performing Arts Centre. They are on the main floor, just to the west and around the corner from Barakas Coffee shop, look for them up in the air. They will be up till next September or so, and then will be moved to a permanent home.

Below are photos of the final piece, the materials are steam bent and carved yellow cedar, carved cherry, maple dowel and sailmakers twine, final dimensions are roughly 6' x 3' when open, and 2.5' x 3' when closed.


gregory lavoie said...

Looks cool....I totally keep my swivel vise in the exact same spot.

sam said...

very superb, man!
May i know where you learnt how to make the joints? any reference material or books you could recommend?