Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tarn - Lightweight Canoe Plans

Finally got around to drawing up the plans for my lightweight canoe, click the image for larger. Or even larger here.

As a quick disclaimer, this boat was built with absolutely perfect stock, no run out, no knots, so I was able to pare down the dimensions of the parts to the minimum. This means that if you have any flaws in your materials it would be advisable to upscale the parts accordingly. The same goes for the rest of the design, it has a minimum of ribs and a minimum of redundancy. Paddle it accordingly.

Usual restrictions apply, Commercial usage of this design is forbidden. Personal use is allowed, up to two boats, but no reproduction of the boat or this design in exchange for money or goods is allowed. Also, if you do build one, send me an email and/or some photos:


Anne said...

Hello, I just finished reading the build post on this boat and I'm truly amazed. I would like to see more information on the coaming and hatches. Also maybe a final overview of the kayaks interior and exterior. Again, amazing work. Thank you for posting. thanks all!
boat hull psychosnail

Unknown said...

Real craftsmanship, very fine work.

Dreaming of building this one; best regards from us in Belgium!