Saturday, September 24, 2011

Umbella Spotlight

A project I made to keep the darkness off.

Youtube link:

It has an articulated baltic birch, maple and bamboo frame with 6 Luxeon Rebel 1000ma LEDs each putting out about 310 lumens, or 1,860lm for the set. For comparison, your average LED flashlight kicks out about 100lm or so. This thing is rather bright so the fedora is a safety feature as well as a fashion statement.

The wooden frame articulates, allowing the LEDS to pivot between fully inward facing to fully outward simply by raising and lowering the umbrella slider. This allows the umbrella to cast everything from a tight spot, to a wide doughnut of light.

Right now I am powering it off an 18v cordless drill battery, at full brightness I can get about 3 hours before I have to recharge it. The ultimate plan is to run a few cylindrical rechargeable cells inside a hollow metal handle.

Oh, and in real life it doesn't make that choir noise.... yet.

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